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List your bike today! Create a profile at Velolists and join the bike sharing community! It's up to you how much you will charge for a day or week. Velolists is a bike sharing platform letting active people connect with trusted bike owners around the world.

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List a bike

To start making money of your bike, follow these simple steps: Create a profile at Velolists. In your profile settings - connect with PayPal to be able to receive money from the rental. And that's it! Now you are ready to make some extra cash!

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Rent a bike

Search for bikes where you want to ride. Find the one for you! Check availability - contact the owner - book & pay! Remember to upload a profile picture so the owner can recognize you - and of course let him know when you arrive.

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What's your story?

We would love to hear about your experience with Velolists. Send us your story at hello(a) or via our social media channels at the bottom of the page and we might just publish your story to the world! Keep sharing!

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Our goal is to connect active people with bike owners across borders, cities and neighbourhoods. Join the community, share more and consume less. Read more about us!

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Velolists Guarantee

Your bike is safe with us! Velolists provide a limited guarantee of €5,000 euro for bike owners. Don't hesitate to ask - The Velolists team is always standing by! Find out more in the terms of use section

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We want to reach all corners of the world so we never have to travel with our bikes again. Help us create some amazing stories and a more sustainable way of living - sign up and invite your friends today!

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