Information about VeloLists


Welcome to Velolists - The bike sharing community

Velolists is a platform made by VeloLists AS, in Trondheim - Norway. We are inspired by the ideology of the sharing economy, and we truthfully believe that we need more sharing in our society. 

Our goal -  To consolidate the bike rental industry and bring bike sharing to the people. We connect people with trusted bike owners across boarders and cities. Let's never have to travel with bikes again!

For Who - Velolists is for everyone! 

- If you are visiting a new city and prefer to rent a bicycle instead of a taxi

- If you are traveling and don't want the hassle with bike travel case

- If you are buying a new bike, find a similar bike on Velolists and try it out before you spend the cash

- If you want a upgrade before a competition, rent a race bike through Velolists

- If you are going on holiday and want a special bike for the week or weekend

- If you just feel for trying a cool bike

You name it, Velolists is for everyone!

We want to make sure you can rent the bike you want in all major cities and popular places in Europe.