Information about VeloLists

How it works

How it works

The Renter

Creat a profile - It will take about 10 seconds. Connect using your facebook account, that way you'll get a profile picture at the same time. Increasing the credability of our community.

Search for bikes where you want to ride - Find the one that fits you.

Check the calender for availability - It's always a good thing to contact the owner before you proceed to payment.

Book & Pay - Proceed to payment. When you have confirmed the rental, the bike owner will have to confirm the request. When that's done - Enjoy the ride!

PS! Don't forget to let the owner know when you arrive, and it's required to keep all communication with the lister via Velolists to have the protection of the Velolists guarantee. And of course - ask for local cycling tips, you might just get the tip of a life time!

PS2! Read more about renter obligations here, in section 2. 

The Lister

Create profile - It will take about 10 seconds. Connect using your facebook account, that way you'll get a profile picture at the same time. Increasing the credability of our community.

Define category - Is it a road bike, MTB, electric bike, or the very unique one? Or maybe you have a bikebox or a set of wheel you want to earn some extra cash of? If you can't find a category that suits you, write to us and we will help you out! 

Describe your bike - The title is selling! Carbon frame? Special paint job? Get it out there!

Pricing - What's normal? Take a look at similar bikes at Velolists. But we recommend not too expensive. 

Currency - For the moment we only offer to list bikes in euro. PayPal exchange to the relevant local currency with no additional fee's. 

What does it cost - Remember that we have to take a small fee to stay alive. Velolists commision is 17% of listing price and PayPal commision is 3,4% + €0,3 . Total 20,4% of listing price + €0,3 

Cancellation & refunds - Read more about them here 

Location - You don't have to publish your full address when you list your bike. It's enough with the street name or postal code. It's no problem if you're uncomfortable giving out your address to other members,  just arrange a pick-up/drop-off location with the renter. 

Image - A picture says more than a thousand words! And three pictures says... Bring out the best of your bike.  

PS! Read more about lister obliagations in our Terms of use

Connect with PayPal

It is neccessary to have a PayPal account to be able to use Velolists. Check out PayPal if you don't already have an account. 

PayPal instructions:
If you already have an account, that account needs to be upgraded for business. It's easy and free! Upgrad your current account and combine that with your business account.
  • When logged in on PayPal, chose "upgrade to business account"  
  • When you are asked about business name - write what ever you feel like. (unless you actually run a business, then write the business name)
  • Just fill in where it's necessary - It won't matter too much!
  • At the step "How will you receive funds" - select at your website.
  • Next step - choose "All payment's, including creditcards, via PayPal" 
  • Important - Set your account to receive euro. Under "profile", click "account settings".  In the                       My money-tab, click "currencies" to set your account to receive euro. 

You are now set up to connect with your Velolists account.

Velolists instructions:
In your Velolists profile settings - click on the Payments-tab
Step 1: Connect with PayPal - If your PayPal account is setup like described above, this will work perfectly fine. You might have to confirm with your PayPal password.
Step 2: Grant Permission - You'll get redirected to PayPal to confirm the permission. 

You are now ready to become a bike provider!

Contact us if you have any questions, we are always happy to help!